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Repair Services

Our specialized services and parts department
are for all vehicles and trailers.

Leaf Spring RepairLeaf Spring RepairLeaf Spring Repair

We repair damaged leaf springs or replace leaf springs. Leaf spring(s) over time wear down. If your vehicle is sagging or is weighed down in the rear or front, this may be a broken spring(s). To know for sure if a leaf spring is broken donít hesitate to bring your vehicle to our store for a second opinion or call for further questions. Our mechanics have the experience and the training to replace or repair in a timely manner.

  1. Re-bush Leaf Spring
  2. Adding Additional leaves to your spring.
  3. Replace broken leaf spring(s)
  4. Re-arching

Exchange Parts

For rear heavy duty tandem axles, we offer an exchange program for many parts. Exchange Kenworth stabilizer U-bars and exchange Hendrickson walking beams. Call for specific details on this amazing opportunity.


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